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Issuu 2.2.10

Issuu 2.2.10 Free Download

free download

Create a professional online magazine with this simple application


Issuu is a publishing service that allows you to create your own digital magazines in a very simple and easy way. It’s a great tool for those who have lots of PDF files, and they want to turn them into an interactive and online book. However, we know that there are other programs that work in a very similar way. The main difference between them and Issuu is the speed in completing your task. You can have it done in just a few minutes!

It seems like something really easy to do, but until now, it took a lot longer to do using other programs. In fact, publishers are the professionals who are happiest with this new tool. Before Issuu existed, you had to follow endless steps just to get all your PDF files cropped and converted to flash. In addition, you had to follow their specific instructions which are really complicated for novices and non-professional publishers. There are more than 14 million different digital magazines that have been made with Issuu, and the application has more than 70 million readers. That’s why this publishing service has become one of the most important in the sector.

First steps using this app

Once you download it and run it, you will see that it’s really simple to use. As we mentioned above, it’s even easier to use than other similar tools. However, you don’t need to download it to try it and check to see if you like it or not. That’s because you can do so on the official website. There, you can find various topics, such as “Weddings”, “Surfing”, “Fashion”, “Home, Food & Living”, “New York Fashion Week”, “Catalogs”, “Travel”, “Art & Design” and “Staff Picks”.

There are more than 14 million different digital magazines that have been made with this program, and the application has more than 70 million readers

Each topic is divided into different subcategories that allow to the user to find whatever they want in a more intuitive way. For example, inside “Art & Design” category, you can find “Photography”, which is a more specific and specialized subcategory. The same happens with the “Surfing” topic which is divided into “All About Surfing”, “Surf The World” and “Surf Lifestyle”. All of them are available, and they just depend on your tastes and preferences. Although we said that you could feel free to try it on the official website, the free application is even better because you can manage all your content from the device you want: whenever and wherever you want!

Issuu 2.2.10 Features

Issuu includes the following features:

  • Ability to turn all your PDF files into an interactive digital magazine
  • High amount of available topics such as “Weddings”, “Surfing”, “Fashion”, “Home, Food & Living”, “New York Fashion Week”, “Catalogs”, “Travel”, “Art & Design” and “Staff Picks”
  • 14 million different examples are available online
  • More than 70 million active readers
  • Issuu Reader to check your result
  • Ability to distribute your creations throughout the net
  • Customize it and provide it a more personal and sophisticated touch!
  • Manage all your content whenever and wherever you want

If you want to read more about this publishing service, feel free to do so on the developer’s website

System Requirements

If you want to download Issuu, we recommend that you read the minimum system requirements beforehand:

  • Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or later

free download


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